naturist massage

in east sussex

for singles and couples

naturist massage courses

As a fully qualified massage teacher I offer massage courses

to those who would like to learn how to give a massage.

Courses are given on a one-to-one basis or to couples

who wish to build a deeper connection in their relationship.

The courses consist of three-hour classes, each class teaching how to massage a part of the body. Separate classes can be given for the back, legs, arms, abdomen, chest, neck and face for those who would like to brush up on their skills.

The courses can be tailored to your time schedule and budget. On average, learning how to perform a basic full-body massage will take 4-6 classes, depending on how much knowledge is required. There will be ample time to practice under my guidance and students are welcome to come back after the course to practice and enhance their skills.

During each class students are shown the various techniques on a live model after which they get to practice the newly required skills 'hands-on'. Students are welcome to bring their partner or a friend to act as a model, otherwise we will be happy to provide one.

It is recommended to schedule a massage with me first to decide if you like the style of massage that you are about to learn. Please note that classes are taught fully undressed.


Three-hour workshops are available for singles or couples.

Workshops can be tailored to your preferences and are a relaxing way to be involved in a massage or to further develop your massage skills. They can also be combined with a day visit, including use of the facilities (shower, hot tub and garden) and a light lunch.

Naturist accommodation

Comfortable rooms are available for those who travel from further afield and would like to follow a massage course in a peaceful and relaxed setting. A light lunch is included between morning and afternoon classes and there will be ample opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills.

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Course book

After each class students receive a worksheet to use for practicing at home. Each worksheet contains drawings of the subject discussed in the class and the techniques to perform during a massage.

Please contact me on 07722 321 359 or

(if no answer) on 07757 375 522

(withheld numbers may not be answered)

or send an email to book your massage course.

The rate for the two-day introductory massage course is

£450 per person or £675 per couple

The rate for the three-day signature massage course is

£630 per person or £945 per couple

The rate for a three-hour workshop is

£120 per person or £180 per couple

The additional rate for a day visit is £30 per person

(all rates are excluding overnight accommodation)

Other massage courses can also be arranged.

Profits are donated to charity.

07722 321 359

send an email

massage courses and workshops